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I recently got to spend some time with Bek, founder of SookyLaLa Crochet Co. at her home workshop. Her range of baby bonnets and blankets are amazing and all handmade with so much style! What a pleasure to photograph all those colours and funky designs and to hear more about her story!

What inspired you to start your business?

I started crocheting about six years ago.  I wish I could say that it was taught to me by my mother and grandmothers, but the fact is, one day I took myself off to an intro course that was running at Cranked in Leederville.   At the time, I didn’t really have any other hobbies or talents and I really felt like I needed to learn a new skill, and have something to keep me busy.  After the first class, I was hooked (pun totally intended)!

My mother is incredibly creative and used to sew and knit clothes for me and my siblings when we were little, and both my Nonna and Grandmother used to crochet, so it’s kind of in my DNA, I just didn’t realise it until much later!

I only decided to open up a little shop selling my crochet at the beginning of this year, although it had been on my mind for a long time.   I figured that since I love crocheting so much, there’s only so many handmade blankets lying around the house that my husband can tolerate, so why not make things that other people can buy? 

I wanted to start out with baby blankets, particularly using cotton yarn which is so much more suited to our warm WA climate, and use colours not typically used for babies.  The best part about what I do is sitting there playing with different colour combinations!! 

How did you pick your name?

Sooky La La is such a classic saying isn’t it? “Stop being such a Sooky La La!”  I liked the idea that it goes against how we normally like to perceive babies.  Yes, they’re cute, soft, and snuggly, but they also cry….a lot… and usually about the littlest things!   Sooky La La is also one of my favourite things to call my husband… and my dog Heidi when they are having a sulk about something!

What 3 words do you think describe SookyLaLa Crochet Co?




What are some of your favourite products?

At the moment I’m loving making these sweet little baby bonnets in a wattle stitch, the feel of them is amazing!  But also, I love my striped tassel blankets, simply because I had so much fun putting the different colours schemes together and they really highlight the direction I wanted take with my shop.  

In my home, I’m most proud of my Retro Blanket, the pattern is from Amy at Little Doolally ( one of my favourite crochet pattern designers.  Intended as a baby blanket, I worked it up into a throw for my couch and I just love the look and the feel of it. If I wasn’t working full time, I’d love to also make and sell throws, cushions and other homewares from my shop.

What is unique about SookyLaLa Crochet Co?

Being unique can be difficult when there are so many talented people out there, but for me, I wanted to try and avoid the usual pinks and blues when making blankets and accessories for babies.

I like to challenge the way that people think about colour for babies, and use bolder colours, and unusual combinations in my blankets.  That’s not to say I don’t like a good baby pink bonnet at the best of times, but seeing a little one in mustard, army green, copper or even black is more my kind of style!

Where can we find out more about SookyLaLa Crochet Co.?

I have my shop on Etsy but you can also check me out on:





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Besties I recently had the opportunity to do a bestie shoot with these two fairies. 

It made me think about how important our first friendships are! I have so many memories from my best friend in Kindy.  My family were academics and her family were musicians and they taught me about worlds different from my own like art, instruments and concerts. I learnt so much from that friendship; confidence & independence and that I could love people outside of my own family. I also remember the feeling when they moved overseas and how it felt to lose my best friend. We have been very lucky to meet up a lot over the years and that friendship is still part of what makes me who I am!

Friendships are Important

It doesn’t matter if they are brief or last a lifetime, they are all unique and we learn something from each of them. So when Candy got in touch with me and asked if I could help her to capture some photos with her daughter Indi and her best friend, you can imagine how excited I was.

Indi met her bestie in daycare and the two quickly became firm friends. Some of their favourite things are fairies and tea parties. They helped each other settle into the new world of school and being away from home. This shoot was to celebrate their friendship but also as a way to say farewell. Indi's bestie was about to embark on a new chapter moving over to the East coast. What an honour it was to be part of their world for an afternoon and be able to photograph some special memories of their friendship. I’m sure these two won’t be parted for too long and I hope they have many more adventures together in the future.

Here's some words from Indi's mum:
"Thank you so much Sarita for capturing the most amazingly beautiful moments of our little fairy 'besties'. These are more than just photos...they are exquisite treasures - I can't stop looking at them. Not just gorgeous pictures of our children, but memories that we will cherish always. A first true friendship is something so special and it really comes through in the photos - I'm so glad Indi will have these to look back on. ​​​​​"

"Indi’s little friend is moving away soon, and this whole experience has been such an important part of making that transition a little easier for both of them. More than just a photo shoot, they got to spend an entire afternoon being fairies, wearing princess crowns and holding hands (all the things that besties love to do) … and when they miss each other, we have the whole story of their playdate in the ‘fairy forest’ all set out in beautiful photos that we can look through and talk about."

"They had so much fun they didn’t even notice the camera after a little while and thought you were one of the gang!"


Do you have a special friendship that you would like captured?

Have a look at the Snapshot Bestie Shoot

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