"The camera is a sketchbook, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity"

Henri Cartier Bresson


This is me! and my son, Sonny :) Our selfie game is strong. After our first month, I realised that, like a lot of mums, I don't have many photos with him. This made me sad that he wouldn't have photos to look back on, and that I wasn't capturing memories of myself becoming a mother. So we set out to try and take our own photos together and most days we try to take a selfie from our life.


I used to set up the camera on a tripod, press the timer and then run to sit in place with Sonny, trying to get us both looking at the camera. Each time I was disappointed...I didn't feel like those were the photos I wanted for myself to remember being his mum. I want to see a photo that reminded me of his squishy legs, his soft baby skin, hear his giggle, and remember how it feels to hold this little guy, right up until the day when he refuses to be seen in public with me. I want to celebrate our days at home together. I want to remember what we do. I want photos of our life. 


The selfie above is from my first switch-up into the photos I really wanted to have of the two of us. I took it just before bed. I normally take him in the shower with me and it's my favourite time of the day. Then we sit on the floor in his bedroom, he lies out on a blanket, we dry off, we read, we sing, we talk and we feed. We put on our pyjamas and the night melts into soft cuddles as he falls asleep. I would absolutely love to have photos of every moment of this routine. 


This is what my photography style is all about. I can't guarantee that I will give you a photo of everyone looking at the camera. I will give you photos that take you back to a moment that is everything. It's really as simple as that.