I'm sure you have a few questions about your shoot so please check out these frequently asked questions for more information. If you have a questions that is not answered here please just drop me an email or give me a call

Where and when will we do our photoshoot?

All photoshoots are on location so you get to choose. It could be at your favourite park, in your home or at the beach. Choose a location that is meaningful for you and part of your story. If you need some help deciding on locations I'm also happy to help you choose the perfect spot. 

My house is a mess or not nice enough for photos. What do we do?

Your house is perfect! Don't worry at all if you feel your house doesn't look like photos in magazines. My style of photography is all about capturing your life as it is so your home is a perfect place to tell your story. If there are things that you would prefer to keep out of the photos we can put those away before the shoot. At the beginning of the shoot we will walk around your house and look for areas that would be best for the photos. Areas with windows and available light are beautiful. 

How long will the shoot take?

Each package has an estimated timeframe, however this always depends on how everybody feels on the day. I am always flexible with my shoots and understand that families may need some time to get used to the camera, so we will just go with the flow. My photo shoots are fun and natural, so we never rush, it's all about capturing your family just being you and doing the things you love. 

Will you take posed photos?

My style of photography is a combination of lifestyle and documentary photos. We won't focus on getting posed, perfect photos. I'll take photos of your expressions, your moments together and the little details. These shots are more about capturing the moment than having everyone look at the camera. I offer a little bit of guidance and ideas throughout the shoot so you can just relaxed and know that you memories are being captured. We'll chat before your shoot about the kind of photos you are hoping for. 

What should we bring?

I'd love if you bring along your favourite things like games, books, blankets, instruments or anything that it important to you.

They are also part of your story. 

What should I wear?

This is completely up to you. I would suggest wearing something that you feel comfortable, that is part of your story and your beautiful in! If you would like some suggestions you may want to consider some of the following ideas:

  • Think about clothing that will fit into the environment where the photo shoot is happening
  • Start with one person and then go from there - planning outfits doesn't mean that everyone wears the same thing, actually photos are interesting when everyone has their own style.
  • Colours, patterns & textures- colours & patterns are beautiful but you may want to avoid outfits that are too distracting or have large logos. Instead of bold colours or patterns, maybe think about textures that might add some interest to the photo such as lace, corduroy or denim. 
  • Let your personalities shine - the purpose of the photos is to capture each individual as they are so choose clothes that reflect you. Bring the clothes your children love, and things your family love to do together. 


How will I get my photos?

After your shoot I will edit your photos and get them ready for you. I will send you a private gallery link within a month of your shoot. You package will include a number of digital images and you can choose the images you would like to keep from your gallery. This gallery will be private, meaning it can only be accessed with a password, however you can send the link and password to the people you would like to share it with. The gallery will be available for one month to choose your final images. After this time I'll deliver a package to you with your final images on USB and fine art prints. 

What can I do with the photos?

I can help you figure out how to best display your photos.  I believe it is important to print your photos and be able to physically look at them and share them. For this reason I include some fine art prints in your package. It can be beautiful to create a book to tell your family story. I partner with professional printing labs to make personalised linen albums. I also work with a local woodworker to create recycled timber frames for a unique framed print. Check out the products page for more information.

How do I know if you are the right photographer for me?

Take your time to choose. Look through my website at the gallery and information. I’d like to help you capture photographs that tell your family stories. My style of photography is not about lots of posing or perfect photos, it’s about capturing the things that you want to look back on to remember the moment, feeling and experience at the time. I photograph with a combination of lifestyle and documentary style photography. What matters to me are subtle moments, connections and love. When I take photos, I’m looking for something natural and meaningful. What memories do you wish you had photos of? I’d love to join you to help capture them!